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President's Workshop Reflections

I am truly excited about my sorority and even more so about Epsilon Chi . As a new member in this chapter it is an honor to have an opportunity to speak about the President’s Workshop. It is a strong believe of mine that the way something starts is the way it will end. The president’s workshop is an extremely important and valuable component in starting a successful year.

In saying that, Madam President Donna M. Mitchell has truly laid out the groundwork to be… Limitless as we: Imagine, Excite and Energize our Sorors and the community we serve. There were several actions items outlined in her vision that I feel will set us up to be “Limitless”.

The first of which is her attention to our need as a chapter to be connected like a web - internally. We need to reach out to our sisters. She started a secret sister. This is key because a sorority is not just another organization to join, it is a sisterhood. She strengthened that actions item with a detailed idea of what sisterhood looks like in a poetic video. You know that I am a poet, so that spoke to my spirit!

Secondly, she actioned us to highlight our sister as leaders in industry by nominating them for awards. That spoke to me as a “see something say something” task. We have some very outgoing and professionally strong Sorors and they should be considered for awards in their respective fields. Not to mention that this is the premise for the sorority.

President Mitchell’s third action is focusing on developing our business owning sorors with workshops and guest speakers to come in and teach us a new skill.  My president wasn’t playing around, she exemplified that by bringing five White Rose Queens to speak to us and refocus on the elements of our creed.

Finally, she actioned us to extend our web to include our auxiliaries and community partners in our initiatives and programs. This will bring Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. forward as the, in the words of White Rose Queen Lilian Parker, “premier” sorority it was designed to be.

I am excited. I am energized. This will be a Limitless sorority, just as our founder Imagined.

Humbly Submitted,

Soror Tameka White

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