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What We Stand For

Learn more about our mission, vision, core values, and commitment


The mission of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. and Epsilon Chi Chapter is to unite in a sisterhood qualified business and professional women who will encourage, inspire, nurture, and assist persons engaged in business vocations.


"Business and Professional Women Building the Foundation for Generational Financial Empowerment"


The vision of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority and Epsilon Chi Chapter is to focus on advancing the economic foundations of women through leadership, entrepreneurship, education and technology.

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Core Values


Epsilon Chi is committed to being dedicated to all of our causes and activities


Epsilon Chi will successfully share and convey or ideas, feelings, events, and information


Epsilon Chi will be accountable and responsible for our actions


Epsilon Chi supports our sisters and sister chapters by providing encouragement or emotional help


Epsilon Chi is a community of women linked by a common interest and goal


Epsilon Chi is committed to transparency at all times and in all we do


Epsilon Chi always demonstrates the utmost professionalism, showing the competence and skill expected of a professional


To unite in a sisterhood of qualified women in related fields of business and in other professions in order to enhance and improve the status of women in our highly complex, competitive business and professional world

To further intellectual development and growth of our members through higher education.

To promote professional goals and increase interest in business education among high school and college females through planned programs and scholarships

To encourage

development of personalities for all areas of leadership

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